Boréal/ Single-hung & Single-slider windows

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single slider windows

Designed for comfort and wide open expansive view, Vinyltek’s single-slider and single-hung windows slide operate smoothly and are ideal for opening on patios, walks or verandas.

Backed-up with our best in class lifetime warranty, these energy-efficient windows provide the reliability that will stand the test of time.


Whatever the rigours of the elements (wind, rain, cold, or heat), this window profile system gives you the best protection and the greatest comfort a window can provide. Its remarkable performance is the result of attention to the smallest detail in Vinyltek’s quest for product quality, and a manufacturing process that is uncompromising; from the moment it starts, we use virgin, 100% uPVC powder until the thickest profile walls in the industry are produced.

These windows feature:

  • Multichamber design — more chambers than any competing product. Provides superior thermal insulation and sound reduction. Guaranteed outstanding resistance to warping and crushing (minimizing the likelihood of seal failure and gas loss).
  • Exclusive PVC compound gives  the window better resistance  to impacts and discoloration.
  • Stylish sash — optional inside and outside design  accessories for a neat finish.
  • Fusion-welded corners — give a more attractive appearance,  enhance solidity, and eliminate the need  for adhesives and sealants.  100% watertight and airtight.
  • Quadruple-layer weatherstripping — provides superior insulation, virtually eliminating air, water, dust, and dirt infiltration. Easily replaceable if needed thanks to the groove.
  • Exclusive anchoring system for opening/locking mechanisms Specially designed mounting screws installed through a minimum of two PVC walls for reliable, durable, and secure fastening.

This window profile system exceeds maximum rating standards. Some of its features outclass those of all windows on the market. These single-hung and single-slider windows are in a league of their own — the ideal solution for those who aren’t willing to compromise on performance. This series features the same exacting standards of quality that guide the production of all uPVC components — and that have been setting industry standards for over a decade.


Outstanding Performance

Our windows undergo the most stringent compliance testing performed by an independent laboratory. They always earn the highest ratings in national classification tests.

single-hung  single-slider window ratings

Options / Colour

Anodised Aluminium 09874-10

Anodised Aluminium


Pelican Grey 30050-25

Pelican Grey


Kendall Charcoal 30321-25

Kendall Charcoal


Rideau Brown 55744-20

Rideau Brown


Polo Charcoal 45029-25

Polo Charcoal


Black 45150-20



Boréal Plus
Additional products, in the Boreal line, provide more function and style options:

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vinyl with the window look of wood


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Discover the performance of these extra-tough and durable windows which provide unbeatable sound abatement, security, and energy efficiency. Connect with us for more information on either our single-slider or single-hung windows.