Cypress/ Real Wood + Vinyl Window System

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Real Wood+Vinyl (PVC)

Solid wood interior moulding for the authentic option for wood that enhances Boréal vinyl (PVC) casement or awning windows.

Smart. Uncompromising.

The warmth of real wood adds a classier, more upscale look. Lets you match wood and hardware to your kitchen cabinetry or doorknobs to create a unified look between windows and interior décor.

Your exterior windows will remain uniform even as you select only certain rooms with the Cypress window system. For example, you may choose a wood interior for your living room, but not the bathroom. Doing this will not affect how your windows look from the outside; all windows will have a consistent and uniform look from the exterior of your home. Now that’s style, inside and out.

This real wood+Vinyl Window system features:

  • Innovative molding system assembles and screws right into the PVC frame (patent pending), allowing use of screens
  • 90° assembly system gives windows a genuine wood look
  • No contact between glass and wood, reducing risk of premature wood aging
  • Wood remains protected from the elements, even when windows are opened to allow ventilation
  • Designed for a wide range of energy-efficient glass, of varied thicknesses
  • Choice of wood types
  • Fixed, panoramic, or casement windows can be combined in a variety of configurations
PVC window performance remains unchanged

Casement or awning windows with solid wood interior moldings provide the same superior protection whatever the rigors of the elements—wind, rain, cold, or heat. They’re watertight, insulated, and solid.

  • Superior quality, maintenance-free PVC frames
  • No water or air leaks, no energy loss
  • Multichamber system for thermal insulation and  sound reduction
  • Window performance results are unchanged

Outstanding Performance

Our windows undergo the most stringent compliance testing performed by an independent laboratory. They always earn the highest ratings in national classification tests.

cypress casement awning windows rating

cypress casement awning window ratings

Boréal Plus
Check out DOUBLENATURE for an all-vinyl window that has the look of wood:


The appearance of wood with the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl (PVC). Choose from four natural colours inspired by some of the world’s most noble wood species. Find out more.

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