Celesta/ Multi Stack Patio Door

Celesta Stacking Patio Door Frame Detail
Celesta Stacking Patio Door Frame Top

Expand your horizons with Celesta

Dramatically update the appearance of your home with this upscale patio door featuring clean beautiful finishes.

  • All installation screws are hidden.
  • Besides hiding the drainage holes and improving the door’s appearance, the anodized aluminum sill cover prevents debris from building up and blocking the drainage holes and is simple
    to remove for easy cleaning.

Quality, for a lifetime.

The durability you expect.

  • Celesta doors are designed to offer quality that will last a lifetime.
  • Robust profile design offers superior thermal performance, maximum sturdiness and durability without reinforcement.
  • Sill with two-level drainage ensuring excellent water evacuation.
  • Weatherstripping are located on an adapter to make them easier to replace if required.
  • Patented tandem wheels in ultra-durable nylon leave no marks on the rail and provide smoothness of operation.
  • Option : Stainless steel housing, ideal to prevent premature wear in a saline environment.

Welcome the outdoors, indoor.

Open a new dimension to interior living with Celesta’s smooth operation.

  • The door allows a maximum of daylight to enter and offers a wide opening to your patio or garden.
  • Thanks to a double roller track, panels slide and stack perfectly within the door frame, while taking up a minimal amount of floor space.
  • Easy to open, easy to close. Everything has been considered to the finest detail to offer a smooth glide for a door that size.

Discover ways to open up your home and take advantage of full vistas. Discover Celesta. Connect with us for more information.