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Cortizo/ exterior bi-fold folding door system

Cortizo Bi-Fold Folding Glass Doors
Cortizo Folding Glass Doors 
Cortizo Folding Glass Doors 

Bring the outside in with Cortizo

Extend your home to outdoor spaces with the ultra-wide, continuous opening made possible with Cortizo Bi-Fold Folding Doors — a tried and true line of folding doors that will open up your interior to more possibilities. Count on the most up-to-date folding door hardware and technology to deliver one of the most durable and adaptable folding doors available.

Cortizo quality through and through.

All of CORTIZO’s enclosing systems are tested in the Test Laboratory at the Technological Center to guarantee the best performance in water tightness, air permeability, and wind loads, endorsed by the maximum results in its test qualifications.

Energy efficiency in buildings is a demand made, both by the architects and also by the customer who is aware of the importance of saving on heating costs and air conditioning. CORTIZO overcomes these issues with systems that are suitable for any climatic zone and have a high insulation coefficient, ensuring comfort in the building.

CORTIZO has created its enclosing systems with all the latest technological innovations necessary to assure interior quiet and calm, in order to transform the residence into a private area, free of pollution external acoustics.

The entire RAL color chart is covered. Powder coating, unique powder coating, metallic, textured, wood effect, and over 100 anodized finishes are available. Outside is aluminum, while the inside is wood, with two-tone treatments. A limitless offer to help you create color harmony in your house.Quality labels in every process: QUALICOAT, SEA-SIDE, QUALIDECO

We create tailor-made windows and façades for every project. Creativity to answer aesthetically and functionally to each demand. Aesthetic answers to technical needs. Creativity at the service of habitable environments.

Aluminum is the most sturdy, long-lasting, and resistant of enclosure materials. Aluminum is a material with the strength and durability to endure a lifetime.

Respect for the environment is CORTIZO’S commitment. Using innocuous raw materials and products in all our manufacturing process and the limitless possibility of aluminum recycling, allows us to remove any creation of waste and environmental risks.

Discover ways to open up your home and take advantage of full vistas. Discover Cortizo. Connect with us for more information.