Cortizo by Vinyltek


Why should you choose Cortizo?

All of Cortizo’s building systems are tested in the Testing Laboratory to ensure the best performance in terms of water tightness, air permeability, and wind resistance, as measured by the highest test classification results.


Cortizo recognizes that each architectural project has its own unique characteristics and individuality. As a result, specific areas within the Architecture and Engineering departments are dedicated only to the research and implementation of unique projects in response to the architect’s creative freedom.


The Cortizo Technology Center, which serves more than 30 nations, is committed only to building system research, development, and innovation. With a total area of 3,175 m², this European pioneering centre houses the industry’s most sophisticated and comprehensive laboratory of testing, which is comprised of eight test banks in which we can test and certify the qualities of more than 50 Cortizo systems.


All of Cortizos windows have a similar denominator of design, originality, and quality. Cortizo systems can be tailored to any sort of project, including single-family and multi-family housing, health, industrial, and office buildings.