Celesta Multi Stack Door

Multi Stack Door

Introducing our new Celesta Multi Stack Door!!

-High performance

-Ease of Operation


-Solution to fill large openings

-More clear opening in 3 and 6 panel configurations (up to 23′ wide and 8′ high)

-Ability to stack three panels on each side (OXXXXO)

-Multiple finishes available (paint & stain)

The stacked panels slide and stack perfectly within the door frame, offering a larger opening than a classic patio door.


NAFS Certification on 16 ft. wide x 9 ft. tall Sliding Patio Doors!!

Last week we submitted our 16ft wide x 9ft tall Sliding Patio Door for testing and received NAFS certification by Intertek Labs. Our door meets or exceeds the NAFS- 08 standard for Vancouver. Vinyltek has the big, big doors for the big, big views of the most beautiful place in the world. These tests are comprehensive, and tough. Many door makers can’t meet the standards required by the Province. Our superior materials and our craftsmen & craftswomen make a great, tested, high performance, ‘huge’ Patio Door.

Home Depot

Instantly; 25 beautiful new Vinyltek showrooms throughout BC! WOW; how did we do that?

Vinyltek is very pleased and privileged to now have our products available throughout BC at your local Home Depot!

Our window product is proudly displayed in all 25 Home Depot stores across BC. From Prince George to Victoria, Cranbrook to Campbell River, stop by your nearest Home Depot and “see what we can build.” Your local Home Depot has a beautiful display of our latest and greatest features and options and colors.




NAFS Certification on 10 ft tall doors!!

We have recently submitted our 10ft high by 6ft wide French patio door for testing and received NAFS certification by Intertek Labs. This means bigger and better doors for your home that are sure to impress all!


Upcoming exhibits

Vinyltek Windows has a booth at the Vancouver Homeshow February 18th to the 22nd! Hosted at BC Place stadium, The BC Home and Garden Show is a great place for us to connect with our customers and showcase our NAFS compliant windows and new tilt-and-turn technology. We look forward to seeing you there!



If you can’t make the Homeshow or are interested in seeing more, we will also be at the BUILDEX Vancouver tradeshow on February 25th and 26th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Here, much like at the Homeshow, you can connect with our representatives to learn more about our innovative style and quality!



EuroTwist - Tilt-and-Turn

EuroTwist Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors are here

Vinyltek and supplier P.H. Tech have spent several years developing and testing a new Tilt and Turn European inspired window and door system.

We are introducing the ‘EuroTwist’ on July 2nd, it tilts and turns and it is inspired by its European roots.

This is an exciting new addition to Canada’s premium window maker. Tilt and Turn doors and windows are very sophisticated, very Euro, very cool!

Check the EuroTwist tilt-and-turn windows here and the doors here; or connect with us directly for more info.

Vinyltek Casement Window NFRC Testing

NFRC Testing

Bet you didn’t know the Vinyltek casement window scored the highest marks when tested by NFRC labs in Washington DC!

That’s a great accomplishment for any window, considering we tested against 22,000 other windows, yep 22,000; not 2200, not 220.

The highest test results in 22,000 lab tests and simulations. Another reason Vinyltek’s windows are substantially better than any other window you might be considering.


Vinyltek is NAFS certified

NAFS Compliance is in full effect

The North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS), often referred to as a Harmonised Standard is in full effect for Windows, Doors and Skylights.

We only ship product that is NAFS compliant, and displays the design pressure lab test results on our labels. If you are buying windows without the certification or labeling, beware, your local inspector could reject and cause you to remove windows without!