Step 1

Understanding Vinyl Window Components

Step one to buying the right windows is understanding the parts that make up a window.

  • Frame: Outer structure of the window that attaches to walls. Comes in standard or custom sizes.
  • Sash: The part of the window that opens.
  • Glazing Bead (also called glazing stop): Strips that hold a sealed unit in the sash and/or frame.
  • Sealed Unit: Two or three sheets of glass sealed together by a spacer bar. May contain air or gas such as argon or krypton for additional thermal value.
  • Brickmould: Decorative trim around the outside of the window frame that provides the look of a traditional wood trim.
  • Nail Flange (also called nail fin): Trim piece around the window frame that is fastens to the house frame.
  • Rebate Flange or Stucco Flange: Trim piece around the window frame primarily used for window replacement. It covers the joint between the home and the window and allows for full caulking or sealing of the connection.
  • Weatherstrip (also called weatherseal): The strip between the sash and frame that stops air and moisture from entering the home. Includes fin seals, bubble seals and brush seals.

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