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Get the Latest Technology in Your New Window Installation

Make sure your new window installation uses the latest window technology. Window technology has advanced significantly over the past decade, and now there are many new and exciting vinyl window features and options available.

Vinyl Window Frames

In the past, most new window installations were made from aluminum or wood. Today, most windows are built from strong, insulating PVC polymer. Aluminum, wood and poor-quality PVC frames can lose their shape over time, making windows difficult to open and close. As a result, air and moisture enters your home.

The strongest and longest lasting PVC frames are made from 100% virgin uPVC. They will have a thick walls and a number of chambers in the frame and sash for greater strength. Some chambers may also be steel reinforced.

All Vinyltek vinyl windows are extruded from 100% virgin uPVC. They have more chambers and thicker walls to provide strength and restrict transmission of heat, cold and sound. We’ve partnered with leading design and extruder of high quality vinyl window components, PH Tech, for over 20 years

Vinyl Window Weatherseals

Weatherseals help keep outside air and moisture out of your home. Generally, the more weatherseals a window has, the better. Lower quality windows often only have one weatherseal, where a higher quality window may have two or three.

All Vinyltek windows feature three thick weatherseals for a perfect and lasting seal against wind-driven rain.

Vinyl Window Hardware

New window installation hardware includes hinges, operators, locks and keepers. Look for hardware from well-known manufacturers with solid reputations for quality. Beware of knock-off hardware made of inferior materials or to inconsistent standards. Look for multi-point locking systems for better security and a better seal as well as sliding window glides for easier cleaning and smoother movement.

Vinyltek trusts Roto Hardware to provide strong and durable new window installation hardware for new construction and renovations for all our vinyl windows. Many of our new and replacement windows have multi-point locking systems and sliding window glides.

Glass Technology

Over the past years, glass companies have spent millions developing new glass coatings for new construction vinyl windows and replacement vinyl windows.

As a result, experienced window companies have plenty of new options to offer customers, including coatings to improve thermal performance, block ultraviolet light and improve glass strength. There are also options for air-seal gases that improve heat retention or reduction. One of the most exciting developments in recent years are easy-clean technologies that use sun and rain to help windows shed dirt and water.

See and Feel the Difference

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