Safety. Security. Durability.

When designing and building our Windows and Doors we ask ourselves what are 3 of the most important factors our customers expect from one of the best Windows on the planet, beyond Quality & Style.

Safety of the family, Security of the home and a Durable product that would last a lifetime came to the top of the list.

Product Certification Standards were created to provide a level playing field that allows you to compare and differentiate Windows and Doors in the market place. It empowers you to make the right choice for your home.

We at Vinyltek believe that it is important not only to meet these standards but to go beyond and so all our products exceed the requirements of NAFS, AAMA and CSA standards for air leakage, water penetration, structural strength and forced-entry resistance.

In addition to achieving ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient for your comfort all of Vinyltek’s openers come with options for Egress and Restrictors to keep you Safe, we exceed forced-entry standards to ensure your home is Secure and our Windows and Doors are so Durable they are backed by a best-in-class warranty.

For Vinyltek it is not enough to build a Stylish, Quality Window we want to give you peace of mind that your windows have had the same care and commitment put into them on behalf of your family and home as you have yourself.

Feel and see the difference; connect with us today to visit one of our many showrooms in Metro Vancouver.