Quality, in every aspect.

Whether it’s in the products, performance, or service, Vinyltek is focused on providing the highest degree of Quality.

When we think of Quality, most of us think of the physical properties of what we are buying. We at Vinyltek do too, the windows we produce are among the highest Quality in the industry.

But what does this really mean?

For Vinyltek it means working with our supply chain for continuous improvement to ensure we use only the best products at the highest grade to make up our windows, for our Profile we work with P.H. Tech, for our Glass we work with Cardinal and for our Hardware we work with Roto Hardware.

For Vinyltek, Quality also means building such a robust window that, through P.H. Tech, it was the first Vinyl window to pass the Miami-Dade impact structural and cyclic pressure tests with our Boréal window series.

Quality is achieving ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient window for year in year out on not fewer than 30 of our product options.

It is about building and shipping your window on time first time and to your exact specifications

Quality is attention to detail, if windows don’t meet our high standards of manufacture we recycle the parts and remake the window. This attention to detail is a mindset throughout Vinyltek — in all that we do — to ensure the final product that is shipped to your door is the best it can be, and each member at Vinyltek can be proud to say “we made that”.

The Quality, in our product, is so high that we back it with one of the best warranties available and with over 30 years in business we have the longevity to back our warranties.

Vinyltek’s focus on Quality doesn’t stop at building the highest quality window, it is also about our Quality of Service to you. We ensure the experience of the customer throughout is at the highest level, we are here to help and guide you through the decision making process right through to after sales.