We Manufacture Some of the Most Energy Efficient Windows Anywhere

Some of the world’s most energy efficient windows are manufactured by Vinyltek.

Our windows have more enclosed air space than regular brands, giving you increased insulation without having to use costly and less green insulating material.

All our windows and doors are independently rated by the international ENERGY STAR program, which assesses the ability of the window to lower the overall energy costs of a single-family home in a variety of climate zones.

For years, all Vinyltek windows have achieved the highest possible ENERGY STAR rating


All Vinyltek windows have achieved the highest possible ENERGY STAR rating for the coldest climate zone. In addition, all our windows exceed CSA standards for air and water infiltration, structural strength, security and ease of operation. So no matter where you live in Canada, your Vinyltek windows will provide you the highest level of energy efficiency and performance.

It’s estimated that by replacing your existing windows and doors with more energy efficient windows and doors, you can reduce your energy bills by 7%. Savings are even greater in new homes, where it’s estimated that you lower energy bills by 12%.

If you’re tired of drafts, condensation, mold, dust or high energy bills, consider updating your windows with some of the most energy efficient windows anywhere.

Connect with us and learn more about how you can save on your energy bills with Vinyltek windows and doors. Better yet, call us to set up a visit with many of our showrooms throughout Metro Vancouver and BC.